Never Underestimate the Poster Project

Given that the presidential nomination race has been heating up lately, I just knew that my American government students really should become somewhat familiar with the candidates and the nature of campaigns.

I briefly considered playing Tom Tancredo’s ludicrous campaign ads, but YouTube flags it as inappropriate for minors.

I wonder why.

I doubt it would play well with my students, many of whom booed a hypothetical candidate with a strong stance against immigration. My master teacher made sure to impress upon me her central framework for her lessons: don’t be cynical. Let the students decide for themselves.

Ultimately, that’s why this horrible, horrible campaign ad wouldn’t help the students understand the system. I could argue that by their not voting, crackpots like Tancredo get elected.

Advised by a veteran teacher, I determined that it wouldn’t work.

In the end, I think it would just make my students disenfranchised, feeling that there is such blind hatred working against them in this country. They have yet to vote in an election presidential or otherwise, and it isn’t my place to argue the ideology of apathy and disgust.

If it’s for the best, they’ll live that for themselves.

Moral of the story? Jump through the hoops, even if think you know better. Chances are, you don’t.


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