The Audacity of Microsoft PowerPoint

If there’s any proof that very few people know how to put together a good PowerPoint, it’s here. If you need proof that most people make horrible PowerPoint presentations, you’ve never worked in business, education or any professional information-age job.

Most PowerPoint presentations look like this. Usually, they look worse.

Take a lesson from our friend, the Stanford law lecturer. His 19-minute presentation, due in no small part to the effectiveness of his PowerPoint, went by much faster than my high school seniors’ 3-minute political candidate poster presentations.

It helps that Mr. Stanford Lecturer doesn’t refer to Barack Obama as Islamic and foreign-born, or that Mitt Romney has firm, reliable principles.


In other news: students and educators argue about Wikipedia in the classroom; should we indoctrinate our kids with blind patriotism; and Obama’s rhetoric as compared to the best.


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