WET Behind the Ears

Kids, myself included, say the darndest things. There was even a television show about it.

As always, this segment includes some memorable quotes and quips between teacher and student.


In discussing presidential politics and the upcoming presidential primary in New Hampshire, I had a student in my class tell me that he liked Obama because he saw him on BET — Black Entertainment Television.

One student quipped by staying I preferred WET.

It took a while for this to register.


“What about Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe? Do you think she wants to stand out like that?”

“Why wouldn’t she?” Whoever invented the Socratic method was a genius.

“Well, if people are talking badly about her, then that’s not the kind of publicity you want.”

“We talked about this. What’s the first rule of public relations?”

“So,” she paused, the gears creaking, “anything anyone says is okay.” In a moment of revelation, she quickened the pace of her speech. “It’s important that they’re talking about her, period.”

Exactly the conclusion we were looking for. I repeated it with similar enthusiasm, but without a comma’s pause.

The class giggled.

Think about it.


  1. >>I repeated it with similar enthusiasm, but without a comma’s pause.<<

    Just some advice here, be careful what you say in a classroom. I don’t know where you are doing your student teaching, but in some places, this could come back to bite you.

  2. In my defense, it’s not like I meant to say it like that. I just got caught up in the moment, repeating what she said for the benefit of the class.

    I should probably put that in the narration, though.

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