Ironies in the Credential Program

As always, this segment celebrates assorted anecdotes, bound together by a flimsy pretext.

1. Professors will talk about why it’s important to vary instructional techniques so students actually learn something. Professors tell us that there’s no sense in lecturing for an hour-and-a-half. They tell us this through three-hour lectures, twice weekly.

2. If we believed that everything our professors told us, we’d just know that teaching is a profession of sunshine, roses and cute woodland critters. Believing this, we are unprepared for the profession’s sunburns, thorns and rabies.

3. Required in our program is a weekly, five-hour lecture on teaching literacy. It’s so long that, as the lore goes, professors were unwilling to teach the class. The powers that be kept it at five hours and assigned professors two-and-a-half hour shifts.

4. The state mandates much of the material in the credential program. Often useless to begin with, these requirements are duplicated between classes. In that mass of frustration, there’s irony somewhere.

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