The One Place I Want to Be In Case of a Fire

I had my very first staff meeting on Monday. Eventful, even for a staff meeting, as it wasn’t 10 minutes into it that the fire alarm went off.

In the next few minutes, we the teachers very grudgingly left to go outside in the balmy January weather.

Grudgingly, of course, because it was raining outside. Call it the brazenness of youth or the folly of immaturity, I own neither a coat nor an umbrella. Like the good person I am, I shared.

The umbrella, not the coat.

As I left, the teachers around me grumbled anything from cheery dissatisfaction to or grizzled cynicism.

“If there’s one place I’d want to be in case of a fire, it’s outside in the rain.”

“I hope there are enough substitutes to cover for us, considering the colds we’ll all be getting.”

“We can’t even blame it on the kids. They aren’t here today.”

“Your tax dollars at work.”

“Talk about inservice.”

“I feel like I’m accomplishing something today.”

I didn’t mind so much. I had myself one of the complimentary — I hope — poppy seed muffins. Don’t tell anyone, but it was my second of the day. I bit into it, the warmth of the deliciousness not quite reaching my cold, wet socks.

“I hope you aren’t getting a drug test any time soon.”

Even if I had thought of that, not even a drug test could keep me from a poppy seed muffin. That’s how good they are.

Moral of the story? Simple things won’t prevent pneumonia, but they make contracting it that much more enjoyable.


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