OFF: Regarding Full-Text Feeds

One of y’all just left a very nice comment about full-text feeds. As I’m just starting out, I have no problem with getting all my copy on the feeds even though I’ll be picked up by AdSense-siphoning spider blogs.

I need whatever exposure I can get.

That said, I’d like to keep the blog looking how it is right now — I’ll switch out that placeholder picture, eventually, as much as I like that farm — but the essential part of this blog’s design is its horizontal-ness.

No problem so far, until I determine that I really need the <!–more–> tag to maintain that look. That tag, to my knowledge, makes full-text RSS impossible.

Any thoughts, perhaps from the more blog-savvy readers? Is there anything I could do outside hosting a distinct feed on an otherwise identical blog?


  1. I was gonna ask. This is nothing but a good move, I think. There is a way to keep the tag so that it keeps your front page looking tidy but still pushes the full feed to subscribers. Can’t tell you how I did that last year but it’s out there. Hop on Feedburner before you blow up, I reckon.

  2. I found a plugin, but I can’t use it. I’m a user.

    Weak. Is there any other way?

  3. Mike

    Ouch, being on that might be a bit hard to do.

    Might be time to think about hosting yourself. You can grab a bluehost account for $166 for two years and host a whole lotta blogs. Then you can tweak to your heart’s content.

    There are templates that do as you want them to do without the use of the more tag.


  4. Until I purchase the “Modify CSS” update, I’m stuck with a black-and-orange Hemingway, though.

    Might have to go the self-hosting route. Blimey.

  1. 1 OFF: New Design, Marginally « On the Tenure Track

    […] finally got the site looking how I want it. Also, starting tomorrow, I’ll get my feed going full-text. Not that I’m going to remove all the <!–more–> tags from all the previous […]

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