Ornery Superintendent Thinks He’s Belichick

He must have missed the Super Bowl. Belichick’s team lost.

For background, the superintendent of Grand Rapids would have all his teachers reapply for their jobs. From the original article:

High school teachers will have to reapply for their posts under a plan to boost school performance, one of a series of reforms planned for the Grand Rapids Public Schools.

Beefed-up security, a truancy crackdown and reaching out to the suburbs also are topics Superintendent Bernard Taylor plans to reveal this weekend in a “State of the Schools” address that mixes celebration and straight talk about challenges facing the city schools.

The plans — which include giving principals more of a say in their building’s staffing — could further raise the rancor with leaders of the teachers union, who said they weren’t told about Taylor’s intentions.

The union president, naturally, rankles with rancor that the super would have principals select teachers “like a football draft.”

I think selecting teachers like a football draft would be pretty fun, myself. I wouldn’t mind the salary incentives or the ludicrous signing bonuses. I’d teach six preps of anything at a continuation school — mixed freshman P.E. and CAHSEE intervention included — if I had a 5-year, $40 million contract to back me up.

Wishful thinking, much?

Anyway, the idea is clearly manifest of the standard get-those-teachers-accountable approach. Would it work, or would this maneuver only serve to undercut the credibility of the new guy in charge while sowing the seeds of insurrection among his subordinates?

I’m thinking the latter.

  1. Now if we could draft STUDENTS like a football draft, that might be fun… 😉

  2. >> Now if we could draft STUDENTS <<

    One of my thoughts, back when, was that you let teachers determine their salaries by competitively bidding on students. Honors kids would go cheap – maybe $100 for the year. The tough discipline cases would go for 10-20 times as much.

    It would make very clear to parents, administrators, and politicians where the real expense in education comes from. That kid that takes up 90% of your time in class? You get to chose how much you get paid for dealing with them. Raise your price to high, and someone else will take them off your hands for just a bit less.

    It’s a pipedream, though. It’s completely lacking in teacher accountability. As much as I hate that as an excuse, I also see a real need for it, as well. (c.f. the union thing above).

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