Just check out these map games. Someone turned me on to them in the last week — kudos to whoever it was — and I was instantly addicted. How much more fun can these things be?

The stupid embed code doesn’t work. Stupid embed code. Y’all will have to rely on my links.

I’m the kind of guy who relished map quizzes in high school and college, and whose favorite birthday gift ever came as a very special coloring book. I loved it so much I think I want to invest an edition with the latest Balkan borders.

Mind you, not the latest Balkan borders, but they’re close enough for government work, teaching included. I’m sure I could just sketch in Kosovo, if I wanted to.

This inspires me. I think I’ll test all my history students with map quizzes. Extra credit? Beat Level 12.

Of course, the joke’s on them. I’ve only gotten as far as Level 11. Before they realize it’s just about hopeless unless they log really long hours playing it, they’ll have had some good practice.

I have a title for my first book: “Pedagogy Through Sadism.”

Moral of the story? Impossible goals are fine as long as they don’t look that way.


  1. Stuck on 10. I wish you could start the game at a higher difficulty level to skip the easier parts.

  2. I always miss “Maldives” and “Fairbanks, United States.”

  3. I only got to 8 on my first try…

    While several countries evoked a reaction along the lines of “that’s somewhere in Africa,” those (usually) accurate observations didn’t stop me from missing the mark by 4,000 km. Sounds like round 2 will be easier. It’s a little lame that they use the same locations each time.

  4. Even though I know it’s coming up, I never remember where the Maldives are. Predictability never helps me.

  5. I have a student — a third grader!! — who can smoke me on this thing. He discovered it for me earlier this school year. MUST PRACTICE MORE.

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