One of the library’s chairs must have hated my dress slacks even more than I did. I sat in such a chair, minding my students’ business, when I decided to get up and make the rounds.


A thread on my left pocket had stuck a little on the lip of the armrest. Now it hung loose, with a gash about four inches long between it and my belt-loops.

It’s a good thing that my shirts are longer than used to be — I tucked my shirt in so nobody would see my chonies. I faked a “nothing is wrong, nothing at all” attitude long enough to find a first aid kit and safety-pin myself up.

Embarrassed, I asked my master teacher if she was a seamstress. I had lost my needle-and-thread kit in one of my many recent moves, though I had never any talent in sewing things back together.

Fortunately, she got the heavy-handed hint and offered to help me out sometime during Spring Break.

I wasn’t that desperate. Though job interviews start in less than a month, I could have done without that pair of pants. I have a whole other second pair available.

Moral of the story? Sit not in unfamiliar chairs or those with evil armrests.

  1. dkzody

    One reason I hate to wear good clothes to school. I have lots of snags on clothes due to bad furnishings at school. Also, I have to crawl under tables to check computer connections so I try to wear older things to school.

  2. All my older things are Hawai’ian shirts and khaki shorts. Not exactly professional-I-want-a-job dress.

  3. dkzody

    When I started teaching, I came out of industry where I wore suits, dresses, high heels, so those were the clothes I wore to school. As those wore out, and I purchased new items, I found myself gravitating to more and more casual, comfortable clothes. I laugh now at how casually I dress each day. I have to look in the back of my closet to find a pair of heels now as almost all of my shoes are flats and sandals. I will need to buy a new wardrobe if I return to the corporate world.

  4. Hannah Baxter

    I have a question: how do you know that the armrest is evil? There it sits, inviting and comfortable; how do you know when its intentions are vile and unnatural?

  5. After the fact, when it rips my pants. Duh.

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