No school today. It’s Spring Break.

I should be out partying it up somewhere, but that’s never been my idiom. I have more important things to do than getting pinched and plastered.

As if I needed an excuse to have more important things to do than that.

I promised myself this semester that I’d get through The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, and but I’ve been stuck in the annexation of Austria for a few weeks. Even better than that, I borrowed the sixth season of the Gilmore Girls from a friend, so I’ve another 23 hours down.

The rest of my whopping 10 straight days off? I’ll be designing curricula.

Not quite Cancun, I suppose, but I don’t mind because I really want to get a jump on making good lessons. My class is mostly quiet and somewhat respectful; about as much as you could expect given that this student teacher impostor came in the middle of the year all of a sudden.

With that out of the way, the next step is designing good lessons, something that can be done well in advance.

So I’ve decided to get this lesson planning done in advance.

If nothing else, I could use my semester plans to waste someone’s time at the job fair. Maybe it would sell them how I’m not just highly qualified but exceptionally so. Or, my naivety could just annoy them. If it does, I know I don’t want to work there.

For the rest of this week, I’ll share what I come up with. It looks pretty promising so far.

My secret motive? Designing curricula during Spring Break really just helps with the ladies.


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