After Hooky and Lying, Sink ‘im

Quarter grades were due Friday. These grades determine, in part, eligibility for fall sports tryouts; more than a few students entered a sort of panicked-but-attempting-studious mode.

One of my newer students is fresh from the Deep South and is, I suppose, quite the would-be athlete. Though he enrolled a few weeks ago, I don’t know him that well. He shows up to class maybe about half of the time.

He asked me in a tone of voice I’m sure he thought was polite if there was anything to do to help his F become something other than an F.  I told him it his F was probably his fault.

He became offended.

I just haven’t been here. You can’t give me a C or nothin’?

“You’ll have time to improve your grade by the semester. You’ve only been here for three weeks, so you haven’t racked up that big of a hole for yourself. Start showing up and start doing the work and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

“If you were gone, and you have a good reason, then it isn’t your fault. If you were gone from class and you don’t have a good reason, then it is your fault.”

That’s not fair.

I just walked away. I’ll let him complain to someone else.

Moral of the story? Nothing’s fair.

  1. dkzody

    Our quarter grades also determine eligibility to attend the prom so I saw some real effort from some of my students. Also, anyone who hadn’t turned in a portfolio to me could not go on the senior trip to Sacramento. That got a few busy working. As for your southern “gentleman,” did he come with any grades from his previous school? Those should have been factored in with what he had done for you the last 3 weeks. If he was a failure there, and a failure here, then you have your story.

  2. There was a lot of work done in the last three weeks, and the grade he entered with was close enough to a D that he dropped much, much further.

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