There are plenty of other resources giving advice on making your resume. I won’t repeat the mundane stuff.

Even if you attach a sheet of references to the back of your resume, make sure the word, “references” still appears at the bottom of your resume. Our adviser put it this way:

The word, “references” puts a period on your resume. This way I know you don’t go on to a second page of resume.

As long as you append “see attached,” don’t be afraid to staple a sheet of references to your resume.

Our job fair required our statement of philosophy and a full transcript in addition. We could also throw in a few other things if we felt like it. I took that liberty and attached both my thematic approach to U.S. history and a clipping or two from the school paper.

Your resume will be your centerpiece, despite whatever else you put in that packet. Even with this, it’s a matter of style. Consider this mock-up:

Make your name big. Make it really big. You want your name to stand out. I made mine as big as it could fit on one line.

Use a decorative font for your name, and use the same font for headings. Don’t overdo it. Use Times New Roman or some other readable, serifed standby for the rest of your text.

Don’t bother with fancy or garish stationery. Plain white or off-white will do it, and use a staple — don’t bother with plastic resume covers.

In general, your new mantra: Minimum of clutter; maximum of appeal.


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