Check this out:

Though other, longer-lived blogs have found limited success with this, I’m confident that my meager double-digit Technorati authority will lift On the Tenure Track to the cusp. Which cusp is another matter, for another date.

Just click on the image above, and select On the Tenure Track when you do the poll. I’m about halfway down the list or so.

In the meantime, enjoy the following historical recording of the first high-tech user helpline.

We saw this in my godforsaken credential class, using it as a touchstone for discussion about English-language learners and how best to reach out when teaching the really basic skills. That in high school we have to teach really basic skills is a travesty. Call it a tragedy, if you prefer, but I try to avoid cliches.

How basic should I get, when I deal with real, mainstreamed English language learners? How much should I rely on modeling, or pictures, or charts, or graphs? Any more than normal, or should I instead concentrate on vocabulary acquisition?


  1. Nice! Congrats, Benjamin.

  2. Ancient Bearded One

    Best always not only to avoid cliches, but also incorrect use of technical terms.

  3. Mr. Meyer: Thanks. I certainly appreciate it.

    Bearded One: Incorrect usage would really be a tragedy.

  4. Ancient Bearded One

    Only if incorrect usage came about because you tried to avoid it.

  5. All that would take is a profound misunderstanding.

    I hope I get what you’re saying. If I didn’t, it would really be tragic.

  6. Me!

    I am pimping you out, Ben. 🙂

    So why (regarding adverbs) are you confused?

  7. I tend to buckle under when out-of-my-baliwick and up against professionals. When your master teacher insisted that adverbs modified only verbs — rather than adjectives and other adverbs as well — two instincts began to fight each other out for supremacy.

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