Good news: I got a gig for summer school. Perhaps bad news: I’ll need to brush up on my geometry skills to do it.

My summer school principal had already filled up all the history and English spots for the summer school sessions, and he didn’t end up needing me. I mentioned that if anything else came up that he should let me know.

All we have left is one geometry spot.


Yeah. I know it’s a little different from history, so let me know when you decide.

I can let you know right now. I’ll take it.

He cleared with his superiors the idea of hiring a substitute to teach summer school, as is common practice when in a summer school hiring bind. And that was that.

This is perfectly legal. As a substitute teacher in this district, I’m allowed to be in any given classroom for 30 days or fewer. Enter the Peterbilt-sized loophole: Summer school sessions are shorter than 30 days. Better yet, though I’m a substitute, I’ll get paid the same $35/hr. rate if I teach the full session.

Don’t worry about the kids, either: I was a math major for about a year and a half in college. I had almost mentioned here on the blog that I had managed to get through — and enjoy — all three sections of Calculus, but I couldn’t quite muster the testicular fortitude when I had the chance.

Our summer school principal will drop off a geometry book with me tomorrow. I plan to bone up enough by June 1 to pull off one of Dan Meyer‘s lessons. If only.

Seriously, Dan: I’m going to have to pick your brain in preparation for this summer.


  1. And here I thought you’d have some constructive advice or something. I guess I’ll just have to make do with perusing your archives.

  2. Some questions first?

    1. What’s the textbook?

    2. How set is the curriculum? Also, are there standard tests you must use?

    3. What’s the teaching environment like? Projector? Computers? Smartboard? Nothing but a chalk and chalkboard?

  3. 1. Recent-but-not-newest edition of the McDougal, I think. Most of the textbooks around here are, as are some of the Geometry textbooks.

    2. No idea, yet, though chances are I’ll be using the textbook’s curriculum.

    3. Whiteboard and overhead projector guaranteed. Digital projector only if I shell out the cash. Unlimited photocopies.

  4. Geometry is awesome 🙂 I just spent a year rewriting my Geometry curriculum, so if I can help in any way, please let me know!!

  5. I’ll take you up on it.

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