Most weekends, I designate one day as a work day, and another as a fool around and do nothing day. Responsibilities, chores, lesson planning and everything I have to do usually happens the day before I get back to work.

A normal two-day weekend would make Saturday my sleep-in-until-noon day and Sunday my day to get everything done. I like it well enough.

On three-day weekends, I have two days to slack off, and I love them for it. I can say, without hyperbole, that they rank right up there with Avatar reruns and mint chocolate chip ice cream. I should buy some mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Sunday is the day I’m catching up on The Colbert Report, House, M.D. and Ghost in the Shell: Second GiG, sleeping when I get tired and eating when I get hungry. I’ll probably get around to finally beating Gabriel Knight, cementing my status as a self-described adventure game fanatic.

Monday is the day I’ll finish up my lesson plans for the year, redo most of my TaskStream stuff, write a bunch of multiple-choice questions for Thursday’s test and finally settle down in my new place, tuning out the barking contests outside my window between one dog named Charlie Brown and another named Lucy Brown. One day left.

After a week of classroom-related stress, how do you relax?

  1. dkzody

    I too do my school work on Sunday afternoons, after church and lunch. I’m doing the same this weekend, even though we have the extra day. I’m using the extra day to go to school and move furniture from one classroom to another. We are losing a classroom in our department and so much consolidation must be made.

    I was at school earlier today to meet my yearbook rep and unload boxes of yearbooks which I am distributing to seniors on Thursday and underclassmen on Friday.

  2. Teachers have all those responsibilities not related to teaching, it seems and I’ve heard. You have yearbook, my master teacher has AVID and my other master teacher has her food drives. I wonder what my niche is going to be.

  3. Tim

    I think you must mean “what my niches are going to be.” It doesn’t really sound right (as it goes against the idea of having a, well, niche), but it’s hard to imagine a teacher having just one!

  4. Fair enough, though I meant niche as “voluntary extracurricular unrelated-to-content niche.” My understanding was that teachers tended to have just one of those pet projects.

  5. Saturday mornings are usually my work day, wife is at work, daughter takes her morning nap, I am free to utilize my morning personality type to get stuff done. Sometimes I do not get everything accomplished and rely on a late Sunday session to finish up, but I do not work well late night. On top of that I tend to then dream about work and do not sleep well at all.

    I worked this evening, video recorded some stuff for summer school, but tomorrow is a holiday and I can relax before bed and shut my brain down, no thoughts of work in my dreams tonight.

  6. Another great reason to love three-day weekends, indeed.

  7. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Spunky.

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