Delicious, Delicious Pork and Beans

Short entry today, in part because I’ve been wasting my time on some old, familiar edutainment. I’d forgotten how freakin’ hard of a game Pharaoh was.

In any case, Weezer made themselves a music video, and it’s probably my favorite music video from a musical act without a prominent member named Yankovic. There’s at least one other, older music video I like, but mostly because I like to mock it sadistically.

There’s nothing trainwreck-of-poor-taste about Pork and Beans. Something tells me that Weezer meant to include nearly every star of the Internet.


Be sure to check out another great video by the same group; I think you might like it. I’ll leave the explanation to someone else.

Idle brainstorm: Find and download a representative sample of all of the videos shown or referenced in Pork and Beans, saving them to show one’s students.

At the beginning of each class session, show one of these clips. Skip Cris Crocker and other those few other school inappropriate clips, and be sure to avoid telling the students what all of the clips have in common.

On the very last day of class, show the Pork and Beans music video.

Do this at the beginning of class, because everybody’s heads will have exploded. You’ll need time to clean up.


  1. Ben

    My favourite part of this lesson plan is how it ends in exploding brains. That means its valuable and important to student growth. If we were in the same room, I would high-five you right now.

    Maybe that would make up for your non-invite to Ben Day.

    Blame Jamie.

  2. I love this video. I was talking about it at the office, and my co-workers had never heard of most of the original videos. So I had to e-mail them links to the original videos, and then put Pork and Beans last.

    I don’t know if their heads exploded or not, but I haven’t heard back from them, so maybe. My guess is that they stopped watching after LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

    I wonder if Weezer even approached Rick Astley…

  3. Mr. Bordreau: I only just started reading the blog, so I think I’ll hold off on blaming her, for now.

    Mr. Heller: I wonder if he would have agreed to it. Way I hear it, Astley retired and has been trying to stay out of the limelight.

  4. Sister of Ben

    I just got Rick Roll’d being a supportive sister and reading your blog.

    I hate you.

  5. Yes, you did; yes, you are; yes, you were; yes, you do. That about covers it.

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