Nothing New In American Politics

There’s nothing new in politics, as this marvelous little quiz attests rather successfully. One example question follows.

Barack Obama’s novelty isn’t in his words, and we certainly shouldn’t laud him for his skin color. Like Jack Kennedy, Obama has a way with words. Like Jack Kennedy, Obama is weak on specific policy measures. Like Jack Kennedy, Obama’s strength is in that he has a created something of a movement.

Whatever you think of his high-falutin’ eloquence and his vagueness, the Democrats could use that movement.

  1. Doug

    Obama’s vagueness is nothing new, the past 2 election cycles you had a winner who was all PR and zero substance with empty phrases like “reformer w/ results!” “Compassionate conservative.” Is there nothing better to go after Obama about than “I haven’t seen his plan” or “he speaks too well?”

  2. I don’t worry about his vagueness, either, considering that campaign promises made during one election year only ever amount to ammunition against the incumbent during the next election year. If anything, Obama’s vagueness is simply him being savvy.

    The interesting thing about Obama is the movement he’s created — that movement will do more lasting good on the country than one, maybe two, presidential terms ever could. Motivated millions can overhaul this country better than a pretty face on a head that might or might not be full of ideas.

    If I disparaged Obama’s vagueness, I also paid him a far better compliment in the process.

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