To Take Pictures of Little Boys and Girls

One of the many area corporate-franchise school photography studios wants some entry-level photographers, and I certainly hope that I fit the bill. Given that the minimum requirements for employment include a high school education and full use of your vehicle, I’m not too worried.

It mostly depends on how many spots the studio is trying to fill, and how willing they are to work around my neligible experience.

That is, while I have my share of experience shooting free-range outdoor photography — no tripod, no monopod, no unipod, no flash — I’ve never really figured out all that photo stuff that my Nikon D50 doesn’t include.

I told a few friends of mine that I was worrying a little about it. One or two told me not to get stressed, and another three wished me luck. The rest weren’t afraid to make a joke about it.

If nothing else, you’ll be taking pictures of lots of hot high school girls.


Just kidding.

I don’t need the threat of a lawsuit. Please wish me luck in helpful ways.


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