I’ve been loosing the pursestrings a little, lately, as much as my reputation as a miser had pleased me. It’s a bit of an experiment. This has been a rather successful experiment, by any appropriate measure.

One of my new coworkers needed a ride back to the office from the school we were training at. He seemed trustworthy, and a decent sort of chap, so I gave him one.

My instinct was to charge him gas money, prices being what they are, but, for whatever reason, I swallowed the impulse. This ride was on the house.

It exponentially blossomed from there.

The next day, I forgot my wallet. He paid for my half of a Grande Meal from Taco Bell, out of the same stores of goodwill I had only a day earlier traded to him. Another day, we were about to buy a pizza, but because it turned out that he didn’t have cash, only card, I paid and shared. He needs a ride most days, so we carpool regularly. He slipped me a $20 bill the other day, without my asking, because of it.

There’s enough back-and-forth that, financially, we’re even, or close enough that I can fairly call it a wash. To boot, we’ve each gained quite a bit of goodwill, at no cost to either of us. We each genuinely like the other’s company, or have grown to.

If I kept better track of my money, — say, down to the very last nickel — I’d have fewer friends. To think: I always believed that because money can’t buy friends, it doesn’t affect them, either.

So very wrong.


  1. Ima Peccable

    Nice post! It’s refreshing to see people helping each other out just for the sake of being kind without expecting reimbursement then receiving it unexpectedly!

  2. dkzody

    Generosity is one of the greatest gifts. People who are generous get far more than they give. I’m glad you are discovering this. Remember the old saying, “what goes round, comes round,” is true in both directions.

  3. Ms. Peccable: It happens more than people assume.

    Ms. Zody: I’d imagine that a lot more of those truisms work both ways, too.

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