Three-Drill Monte for Oil

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report share an special relationship. For four days a week, the two collectively create the best news hour on television, considering that the quality of news today is measured by the amount of entertainment and titillation provided.

The two shows must share some of their writing staffs, because it seems that whenever one of the two shows is on the upswing, the other lacks a certain flair. Lately, the upswing show has been The Colbert Report.

Last Wednesday, the Report concisely and clearly explained the effects of speculation on oil prices, skewering alternative energy along the way. Fantastic.

Accusations of partisanship against this show remain unfounded — solutions suggested by both the Left and the Right have serious problems, and Colbert isn’t afraid to point that out.

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    […] took it at face value. From the same excellent episode of The Colbert Report that brought us the Three-Card Monte game that explained high oil prices, we have also this segment that sums up the incident […]

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