Backdating Timestamps: So Awesome

Any reader who has ever needed to work as much overtime as possible should understand why my free time has been at a premium, and why my most recent entries haven’t been very punctual. If it weren’t a matter of pride and if I didn’t value the writing practice that keeping a blog provides, I’d forget about keeping up with my daily entries, just updating this thing whenever I felt compelled.

Alas for my Saturday mornings, but it is a matter of pride and I do value the practice.

In case you’ve missed out on any of the backdated entries and would like to catch up, feel free to use the calendar to preview the titles of the last month’s entries, or use the following list.

Anti-Papist Ironies — In this rare detour into personal religion, a response to anti-Catholic criticisms.
Working Guys and Dolls — Equal opportunity employment doesn’t mean equal retention and turnover.
Be Cool to the Camera Guy, Part Two — Unsatisfactorily answering the age-old question: Isn’t teaching the hardest job, ever?
Blame Expendable Women — Neo-conservative leaders aren’t sexist — they know women can defend themselves.
Be Cool to the Camera Guy, Part One — You accomplish nothing by being rude to the service industry’s peons.
Good Thing Copland’s Dead — If you’ve never heard the Lincoln Portrait, be glad.
Three-Drill Monte for Oil — Stephen Colbert lampoons both ridiculous sides of the energy debate.
Alma Mater of Siblings — Younger sister follows in steps of older brother, but it could just be a coincidence.
My Car’s Name is Helen — My very special relationship breaks down.

Will I be back on track next week, even though I’ll be working four days next week, the school photography season is only just picking up and I have two weekly band rehearsals I have to worry about? Signs point to yes.

See you all tomorrow.


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