Palin’s Sex Will Draw Votes

It seems accepted knowledge that America’s women are smart enough that they won’t vote McCain just because his running mate is a woman. That would be true if, and only if, America’s women were any smarter than America’s men.

Not so, you sexists. After all, it was not six months ago when my mom told me she supported Hillary Clinton. I asked her why.

Because she’s a woman. I’ve been waiting for this for a while. I think we need to see a woman president. She won’t mess it all up.

She chuckled her mom chuckle. I groaned inside.

After trying to convince her that she was using particularly bad reasoning, my mom gave me one of those familiar “I guess you’re right” sighs, and we changed the subject. I’m not sure I changed her mind.

Whether or not you want to vote for John McCain, and whatever you think about Sarah Palin, having a woman on the Republican ticket will draw votes their way. However well Mondale and Ferraro know that with an unconventional vice presidential pick the number of votes ]might not be enough, those votes will, in some quantity, materialize.

In a normal election year against a reasonably popular figure — say, 1984 — those votes wouldn’t amount to much. This is not a normal election year.

Consider this: At least some part of Hillary Clinton’s highly mobilized, energized electorate voted for her because she was a woman. Which way will that no less energized part vote when, feeling betrayed by their party, are subsequently given the opportunity to vote in a female vice president?

Guess which way John McCain’s betting.

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