Five Days Early, or Nearly a Century

As I finished reading The Path Between the Seas, a history of the Panama Canal by celebrity historian David McCullough, I came across this Teddy Roosevelt quote toward the end.

Roosevelt, now years out of office, vented his frustration that then-President Wilson had offered Colombia more than $20 million in restitution for America’s appropriation of the Panamanian isthmus in a letter to an old Panama Canal supporter Philippe Bunau-Varilla:

One of the rather contemptible features of a number of our worthy compatriots is that they are eager to take advantage of the deeds of the man of action when action is necessary and then eager to discredit him when the action is once over.

In an essay no greater than 200 words — not including footnotes, citiations or quotes — explain how this does or does not apply to contemporary politics. You have until the end of the period.


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