Knocked Up, Knocked Around, and Nowhere to Turn

For all the talk of the veterans’ needs, and all the political posturing, there’s a very human element we seem to miss out on.

Soon after Reservist Erin Alaniz returned from Iraq, she was homeless and pregnant, and had only recently left an abusive relationship. She looked around for help, but couldn’t find anyone willing to help her out, she said, her eyes tearing up. Because she was homeless, she didn’t qualify.

Then she met the Sounds of Freedom, who promptly helped her get back on her feet:

“With what they helped me with, I was able to do everything and more I needed to do for my family,” said Alaniz.

But Alaniz says it goes beyond the music and the money.

“They follow up. They call me all the time. ‘How are things?’ ‘How’s the baby?’ ‘How’s your son?’ You have no idea of the magnitude these people care. It’s awesome,” said Alaniz.

One hundred percent of the proceeds go toward troops and their families. Last year almost $10,000 were raised. The funds went toward helping soldiers pay their rent, college tuition, and other needs.

That’s why I play in this veterans’ band. The community is great, and the music is fun, but I stick around for yet another reason.

I’m doing my part to help out — how about you?

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