Our Guy Ain’t Evil

Hope was the name of the game at Camp Obama.

The first order of business was to stall for time. The powers that be still couldn’t figure out how to hook up the laptop to the in-house speakers, and once they did, they lacked the right cable, so they asked us to introduce ourselves and describe why we support Barack Obama in no more than 10 seconds.

Some of the 50 of us thought this was a marvelous idea. More rolled our eyes, knowing that 10 seconds would not nearly be enough. We hoped this wouldn’t be the case, but we hoped in vain.

Not too far along in the first row, one man soliloquized his way through many, many minutes. Turns out, he’s the Democratic challenger to a popular Republican incumbent in a highly conservative district, and is way behind on the polling. I know this, because he fit it his impromptu stump speech into his minute-and-a-half. We applauded his mouth shut.

Most of everyone else was on-topic, if still overlong. I hoped it wouldn’t take long. I hoped in vain.

Some of the more specific reasons for supporting Obama over the former prisoner of war:

He runs a clean campaign.

Does he? Like John Kennedy before him, he’s letting surrogates do as much trash talking as they want. Hell, that’s running mate Joe Biden’s specialty — he’s Obama’s Robert Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.

He wants us out of Iraq.

Does he? Like John McCain, he’s calling for a continued presence in Iraq as our election nears.

Palin scares the hell out of me. She’s so badly prepared, and so ignorant. She doesn’t even stand for women’s issues.

Most readers know how I feel about Palin bashing, but that’s beside the point. What about having that clean campaign? Why not hold yourself to the same standard that your opponent may or may not reach? Is it that Obama doesn’t attack John McCain because he knows his supporters if not his staffers will do it for him?

I hope not. More crucially, I’m hoping I don’t hope in vain.

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