Truth, as They Ignore It

As I expected, there was plenty of Bush-bashing at Camp Obama, if concentrated in that first hour of self-introduction. Ardent Obama Kool-Aid drinkers most, I heard reiterated talking points galore, most often that:

We don’t need eight more years of the failed polices of George W. Bush.

Is it too much to expect anything but wholesale appropriation of one’s candidate’s soundbites?

More than a few went further.

George Bush is a criminal, and incompetent, and the worst president we’ve ever had.

Is he? What about Harding? Coolidge? Grant? I’d say that Bush might crack the bottom five, but only depending upon how much you hate James Buchanan, Herbert Hoover and the first two terms of Franklin Roosevelt’s failed New Deal.

The hate seeped onto John McCain, predictably. One woman went so far as to say she could see McCain’s horns at the previous night’s debate. Then she stroked her chin as if to mimic a goatee. The room laughed. I didn’t, really.

When it was my turn, I spoke as objective a truth as I could sum up.

I support Obama even though I disagree with him on just about every issue. I don’t think George Bush is the worst president ever — Bush might crack the bottom five — and I don’t think he’s evil. Bush has good intentions. He’s just surrounded by corrupt friends, and makes lots of bad decisions.

I support Barack Obama not because I hate Bush but because I respect Obama for what he is: as much a symbol as an organizer.

There was scattered, polite clapping.

One woman sent a curious, almost quizzical glare my way, but the rest of the room looked toward the person by my side.

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