Tyler Perry Ladies

Stereotypes come from somewhere, and there usually exists a kernel of truth in any of them. To wit: Mad black women exist, and not just in the madcap, rantsome diaries that are Tyler Perry films.

I don’t judge, but two middle-aged black ladies found themselves across my way, talking with every bit of the Tyler Perry middle-aged black woman accent, and just as much sass.

When asked why she supports Obama, one of them delivered a sermon in the fullest matter of a charismatic Baptist preacher. To thunderous applause, at the climax of the speech:

We don’t need a bridge to nowhere, because we have a bridge to somewhere.

I don’t mind meeting and talking to Tyler Perry ladies — they’re a hoot — but actually seeing them and actually hearing them is a little disconcerting.

When I grew up, we were taught racial tolerance to its logical conclusion — race doesn’t exist, and means nothing. How wrong that is, sometimes.


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    […] 28, 2008 in Personal ReflectionTags: camp obama, ladies, perry, tyler As one of the Tyler Perry ladies left for the day, spreading goodbyes around, she made sure to give me a special message. Benjamin, […]

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