You Say Telemarket, I Say Phone Bank

As much as I hate an interrupted dinner by way of odd political solicitation, inflicting the same solicitation is even less rewarding.

Within no fewer than 50 phone calls to Colorado, one of the few Western swing states, I actually talked to three voters. After announcing that I was a volunteer for Barack Obama’s “Campaign for Change” — that’s the script, like it or not — I got as far as “Campaign” before hearing a click, then a dial tone.

Of the rest, one man was already an Obama supporter, and the rest were either wrong numbers — some of those were more like “wrong numbers,” as in the times I asked if Sasha was home and Sasha said she wasn’t — or chose to let their answering machine take on the call.

We don’t leave messages in Colorado, and I think Coloradans know that.

  1. Brian

    Out of curiousity, what area of the state were you calling? Because as a native, I’m not surprised by those responses if you were calling in Colorado Springs, but if the numbers were in Denver (or, heaven forbid, that colony of liberalism up in Fort Collins) I would have thought you would have gotten a much warmer response. Excuse the grammar, I’m not such an eloquent writer.

  2. I had both the 303 and 720 area codes, though mostly the former. That puts it in and around the Denver/Boulder area, proving that even metropolitan areas aren’t as monolithic as the stereotype might suggest.

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