No Unemployment For Me

School photography is fun. It doesn’t last, mostly because it’s on an even tighter schedule than the school year — most of our work ends by mid-October, and I wasn’t hired until early August.

I have interviews on Tuesday.

Interview One: After-school tutoring for students with learning disabilities. At $12/hour, the price is right, though the hours are few.

They’re looking for special education teachers, ideally, but I think I can turn them around once I turn on my charm. Yeah — maybe if I keep thinking that, it’ll work out that way.

Interview Two: Long-term substituting position. Word has it that a history teacher is about to go administration on us. He’s at a great local high school in a poor part of town, and the staff is filled from grads from the local Christian college.

I play in the band at that same local Christian college. I also don’t know if the future vice principal in question has someone else in mind.

Bad: Signs point to maybe. Good: I have two shots.


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