Bob Barr Brings Bang to My Ballot

At least 75 percent of our country doesn’t have a real decisive say in the election. This 75 percent does not live in Nevada, Ohio, Florida, New Hampshire, or any other state whose polls are too close to call.

For these voters, there’s a good chance that guy that they barely agree with or the other guy they barely disagree with will easily win their state, and that there’s nothing a scant 500 votes will affect the outcome, one way or the other.

It disappoints us. If our votes resembles either a drop in a deluge, or against one, why bother voting at all?

It’s a good thing Idaho Democrats, California Republicans and fiscal conservatives everywhere have someone else to turn to: third parties.

Third parties are the redheaded stepson of our political process. They never get enough attention, and even when they do, it takes the form of pitiable, undeserved ridicule. It doesn’t need to be a protest vote from a disaffected voters, although it helps.

Your drop of a ballot will be infinitely more valuable than it would within the major parties, because to qualify for public financing — and greater exposure in the political process — third parties need only 5 percent of the national popular vote. Those votes can come from any state. New York, Michigan, Texas or Illinois — it doesn’t matter.

Your vote can count — make it.


  1. American Voter


  2. Too late — absentee ballot.

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