Educational Epigram of the Day

Show me someone who says teaching is the hardest job they’ve ever done, and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t remember working for a wage.


  1. TJS

    Teaching is a really hard job. Almost as hard as working at McDonalds. I had two tours of duty at various McDonalds growing up. The first one when I was 14. It lasted about five weekends (10 total days). The second lasted during the summer I was 17 years old. That lasted about five weeks. My feet still hurt. Exhuasting work. Teaching is almost as tough. That is why I lasted 10 whole months/one school year. It sucked, really. The only benefit for working at McDonalds is you had peers working with you that made it go by a bit better. Being locked in a room all day with 30 middle school kids (in my case) really, really, really sucked. A lonely existence. I needed ADULT interaction, that is why I left the teaching gig after such a short time. I’m a guidance counselor now at a high school. Much better. Benefits of teaching (union, pension, tons of vacation time, etc) without the being locked in a room with 25 kids all day suckiness. [end of ramblings]

  2. dkzody

    I never had so much time off when I worked in industry, but I didn’t work as hard as I do in teaching because I don’t leave the job at work but rather work on weekends and holidays. Such as yesterday, Veteran’s Day, when I worked for 4 hours grading projects and entering grades.

  3. All I know is that for a comporable job in the industry, with comporable benefits, I’d be working 80-hour weeks nine months out of the year.

  4. Bullshit. Spoken like someone who hasn’t actually been a real teacher yet. You spout out this crap as if you’re this 40 year old guy who has some actual life experience, but Ben? Y’know what? You’re a kid. You went straight from HS to college, straight from college to student teaching, and straight from student teaching to being a student teaching dropout who posts bullshit blog entries about a profession you know nothing about. I’m sorry to go all ballistic on your blog here, but seriously. Get a grip on your ego, why don’t you? Take it from someone who has worked for wages, worked for a corporate salary, and is now exhausted from working as hard as she has ever worked in her damn life.

  5. … about a profession you know nothing about.

    Have you read this, lately? I dunno how you’re reading into this stuff, but I haven’t written anything about teaching or best practice since getting kicked out of the program, save this.

    I’ve mostly written about what I’ve been doing, which I know a lot more about than you do. Subbing and shooting.

    In even I-do-everything-but-get-paid student teaching there were plenty of ways to work smarter, to improvise. Wage jobs are much more regimented, by my reckoning.

  6. Maybe the problem here is that I don’t deny myself the satisfaction of a simple, succinct declarative. If that’s what bothers you, pretend I’m practicing for middle age, when I can actually start using them.

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