How Quickly Cheap Animation Improves

I remember laughing very, very hard the first time I saw JibJab’s first presidential campaign spoof song. Crudely animated, in roughly the same style as South Park, it filled the void in my heart not yet held by The Daily Show.

To watch it now, it’s not much at all. Half-assed rhymes form a below-average parody of a Woody Guthrie song. This year’s entry improves on the formula in every way.

I like how it’s almost impossible to make fun of Barack Obama on any level besides his messiah complex, while John McCain is suceptible as a doddering old man who married himself wealthy, an unabashed war hawk who never stops reminding us of his P.O.W. experience and, above all, an especially aggressive, divisive campaigner. This video has to pull from the primary season and Hillary Clinton’s tardy endorsement of Barack Obama to make fun of the Democrats at all.

Obama doesn’t lend himself to parody very well at all — if it weren’t for Biden, The Daily Show would have nothing to work with in an Obama presidency.

McCain has that much going for him.


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