Laughably Posh

For laughably posh election coverage, we turn to the laughably posh BBC. It’s like CNN, but with an avuncular, almost grandfatherly anchor, production values roughly equivalent to The Onion News Network and, of course, cheeky accents.

In introducing the electoral college, the anchor couldn’t help but suffuse some charm, even in his stern disapproval. Carefully, he explained:

Red for the Republicans, blue for the Democrats — I know it seems confusing if you’re used to red for Labour and blue for the Tories.

Their John King doppelganger fumbles around with a touch screen as he bumbles through an explanation of the electoral college. Consistently, he mislabels Greenwich Mean Time with Eastern, and vice versa.

As if in stern disapproval, the white-haired anchor tilted his head down, looking at the camera over the top of his eyeglasses. He pushes the glasses to the top of his nose.

It’s rare to see computer graphics stick to the bottom third of the screen, rarer even to see undramatic lighting and economically sized sets. The BBC brings all of it.

Sparing quite a lot of expense, their highest-profile American on the panel was a disgruntled Ted Koppel, looking like he’d rather have been back on Nightline but wasn’t wanted back. Koppel left after a half hour, well before our anchor referred to the polls closing in “North Hampshire.”

I don’t blame him — I’m sure this kind of stuff is more fun to watch than to experience.

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