Nothing to Lose

The ink’s still fresh on my dismissal papers from the state university, and all I lack to complete my credential is a pass grade on the final student teaching. This matters because, thanks to my business cards and my tireless self-promotion, I just might have cornered an internship for next year. 

Internships in teaching are paid, full-time teaching gigs — years in an internship don’t count for seniority purposes, and that’s the biggest difference.

Internships also fulfill the final student teaching requirement. All I need now is first to cement that internship and second to apply to a local credential program.

Because I make little enough money to qualify for an fee waiver on the application fee for the same local state university, I’ve decided to re-apply there and see if I could slip under the radar.

Of course, if the powers that be still read this blog, they’ll catch on pretty quick — but I have a feeling they’ve written me off as a blowhard and a self-obsessed know-it-all.


  1. Dude… you have PAID teaching internships out there?

  2. Thanks.

    Dude… you have PAID teaching internships out there?

    Of course. What’s the point, otherwise?

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