Forces of Intolerance

As if to prove once and for all that mandates of popular entertainment and less-popular religion on opposite sides of the issue do not preclude idiocy, this video makes its rounds throughout the Internet.

At the very least, bad public relations on the part of the gay marriage advocates, even if they were very slightly, very passively provoked.


  1. Milton Fludgecow

    So when do we allow bigotory to happen? Also, Ben, being against Prop 8 did not mean people were “gay marriage advocates”. Get real. I don’t advocate any kind of marriage. However, I do advocate equality. There is a difference. Why do gay people frighten you so much Ben? Huh? Huh? Answer us that!

  2. Gay people don’t frighten me, though they do a lot of people. It’s bad public relations because of the whole cross-stomping thing — that’s no way to gain acceptance.

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